Our Adventure


This is the website you’ll be able to keep upto date with our travels and where we’ll be able to look back over and remember our journey. If you’re over 40 and you’re viewing this on a computer then you’ll be able to click the links on the top bar and follow our posts from each area. If you’re on a mobile you’ll have to select menu then navigate to the correct country. Got it? Good.

We’re hoping for a blend of a holiday and actually experiencing the local culture. So we’ll be mixing it up with just relaxing and working for accommodation.

We’re setting out on Jan 16th 2014 to our first destination – India. I guess you never know what to expect but they say India is the most extreme place to go traveling first. We’re expecting a bit of a culture shock but I’m sure we’ll meet people and go to places along the way which we’ll never forget.

Then we move on the south East Asia toward the end of March. We’ve not really got a set plan for here but we’ll see where our travels us and how long we spend here before moving on to Australia. A lot of people have said good things about a lot of places. So we’ll probably spend around six months here but again – no plan set out yet.

So – thanks for reading and I hope you follow our journey along the way 🙂