Finishing our trip. ..asian style!

Because our flight home was via Kuala Lumpar, we extended the stop over to 5 days, arriving on the 10th January in the evening and flying home to London on the Thursday morning. 

Jax booked us into a guesthouse in China town before arriving because we had so much luggage.  We left home with 2 backpacks both under 14kg and are going home with 2 backpacks,  3 suitcases and a rucksack,  a total of 74kg!! Oh dear! We had a plan to get the KL express to KL Central and then get a taxi to the gates of China town. All went well until we had to walk through China town with all this luggage! Jeez it was hot and crowded. Luck was on our side though, because even though we didn’t know where the guesthouse was, instinct took us in the right direction and through the correct ally on the correct side of the street behind the stalls. Phew!! One flight of stairs and we were in.  Our room was nice,  we dumped our bags and went to enjoy an evening of beer,  calamari and the atmosphere in the hub of China town. 

Sunday morning we woke up early due to still adjusting to the time difference.  Last time we were here I wanted to see the botanical gardens but didn’t have time.  So that was where we headed. we got some street food while looking for somwhere for breakfast. A turkish delight thing?? Turkish delight chunks in various flavours coated in crushed nuts and sugar! Yum yum!   Then we found a dirty cafe on the outskirts of central market that sold mainly Indian food.  We both enjoyed Roti’s for breakfast with a fresh coconut.  I’m really enjoying the food, I was excited to get back to Asia just to enjoy the food.
We walked around the botanical gardens but we had forgotten how hot it was 31° feels like mid 40’s. My sweaty forehead had returned!! We found ourselves drinking masses of water again and seeking shade. It’s funny to think how we had adjusted and not really noticed before- or we noticed, but it was normal if you know whati mean? We headed back to central Market just to get some air con!

That evening Jackson  had arranged to meet some of his relatives on Auntie Maria’s side of the family.  They were from Borneo but were visiting KL because one of the daughters was starting Uni there that week.  Vis facebook with Maria’s help it was agreed that we would meet in Imperial hotel in Jalan Alor at 7pm. As usual weer arrived early. I had no idea what to expect and didn’t know who to look for.  In the lobby were 2 Ladies but they didn’t look like the picture id seen,  so we sat down and waited.  They spoke Malay and I got the feeling they were talking about us. After about 5 minutes,  the one lady asked if Jackson was Jackson. They introduced themselves as relatives of Patsy. We didn’t know who Patsy was.  But we had a little chat and introduced ourselves.  We were waiting for vanessa and were told she wouldn’t be long. After about 10 minutes had passed, 4 people got out the lift and spoke to these ladies and left.  Then the next lift brought down a few more,  they all left except a young girl who later I found out was called Bernice. Jackson and I were then told to follow and wait in the street. A car pulled up a few moments later and we were ushered into it. It was all very strange.  All communication was in Malay except the odd thing spoken to us telling us what to do.  I found myself in a car with 3 women and Jackson driving through KL with no idea where we were going.  Jackson then asked how they were related to Maria. No one knew! Great! Lol! We all laughed about it but I was still apprehensive and had no idea what was going to happen that night.  We parked up along Jalan Pudu
Somewhere and got out.  We followed Dora, the driver lady from the lobby, into a cafe, out the back through the kitchen where we waved and said hello to the cooks,  out to a dark side street, up the road a bit then into a restaurant full of locals.  Jackson and I got stared at alot. Through to the back of this place was a big table which was apparently ours. We sat down and said hello to the people already sitting around it.  Lots of chatter and shouting went on and I think everyone thought it was a bit strange.  But soon enough food started being brought to the table,  we met Patsy and her husband and their nephews arrived shortly after. It took a while to actually find out who was who and who was related to Auntie Maria! It was funny though,  lots of chatter in Malay and then Dora would quickly translate for us.  The nephews had brilliant English and soon we all chatted about our lives while the food and beer kept coming.  They were so generous and the food was lovely.  In total we had:
Pork belly
Pork ribs in buttermilk
Tofu pies and beef
Steamed egg
Chicken in fish skin

We were stuffed and told to keep eating. They don’t waste a bite! After Dinner we did the walk back to the car and were told we were going for drinks,  the night was young! So we were driven back to Jalan Alor and met everyone again where beer was already flowing with glasses waiting for us. It was a great night and because I had no idea what to expect it was even better. Dora dropped us at China town gates about 1pm where we went to bed, happy and full.  It was so good to meet them and they paid for everything as its in their culture.  Lovely people and a great experience. 

The following morning was a late rise but no surprises there! We got the mono rail to Jalan Alor to have a vietnamese breakfast.  Jax had bun cha, a dish he loved in Vietnam.  While we ate a rat ran under our table,  a little reminder that you are eating on the side of the street!
We then just wandered about exploring and then dropped off some clothing at a tailors that we needed adjusting. Jax had a pair of trousers he needed tapered in and I needed the lining fixed on one of my coats. All arranged to be done for 50 ringitt (£10) bargain! Be ready by 6pm the next day. 

Tuesday we set off on the mono rail to the national museum. It’s a bit of an odd location but we managed to find it. By which point we were really hungry.  The museum cafe was the only option and boy! It was not good. Trays of indescribable cold curries. We both ate what we could but left most of it. Egg in a curry still in its shell?! I’ve become used to alot of things but this place was another level. The museum was cool,  met a couple from Wales in the queue in front of us- its a small world! The museum has a lot of information on Malaysia from the start.  It’s trades,  ports, rulers and how it gained independence. It was very interesting to see that they have had their struggles but to visit the country now you know.  After that we walked back to the independence building where we found an Indian cafe in an underground car park.  It was random so we thought we would give it a go.  Plus it was cool because it was underground which was a bonus.  I had a ridiculously sweet chai tea and spicy rice that was laced with chilli. Very nice though. Jax had a thick Black coffee and curry. On the way we had bought a pancake of a street food stall and so we ate that down there too. It was a pancake:

Batter in a pan so it cooks on one side, the gooey side is covered with creamed sweetcorn, choc chips and ground peanuts. Fold it over.  Serve when middle is cooked. 

It tastes so good!!! You need to try it! Just make sure you eat a hot fresh one.
We picked up or tailoring which was finished on time and was a great job,  then doesn’t the evening near Bukit Bintang where we ate Steamed fish,  calamari, rice and veg with beers. … luckily the bill came to just the right amount of cash we had- that could of been awkward!

Wednesday! Our Last day of our travelling adventure! Its a very strange feeling.  It feels like it’s the end but also it feels like a new life.  Life as I had got used to was about to change, not good nor bad.  But it was definitely going to change.

So Anyway,  today was a relaxing day. We took a walk around the eco rainforest but the canopy  walk wasn’t open.  Still a nice walk though. Then we visited the Aquarium by the telecoms Tower (we had previously been up the tower so didn’t do it this time). The aquarium there is rubbish so don’t bother going.  We thought it was the other one and we wanted to enquire about diving with sharks.  No chance in this one because it is tiny!  We walked to the Petronas towers and sat and read in the lake gardens below them. It was all very relaxing. On the way back we bumped into a man who wanted to sell us a house in Malaysia. ….I don’t think he understood the concept of being unemployed! £200,000 british pounds is ‘all’ we would need!lol! Jax gave him a fake email address and we headed back to have a massage in China town.  image

Jackson was worried about having a massage because last time in China town the masseurs on the street offered him more than just a massage! But we asked in our reception and found a place on their directions.  The price agreed wad not the price paid! But Nevermind, it worked out at £7 each so still cheap.  We were in the same room but divided by a curtain. I stripped down my top half ready for my back,  shoulders and neck massage and led down.  The towels were really hard and smellt funny,  musty maybe.  I tried to put that out of my mind though and shut my eyes and tried to relax. My lady was good.  A bit rough and liked to prod but it was overall good.  Then she got confident I think! She climbed on my and was pushing down on my spine with all her weight, every push forced air out of my lungs while my back was clicking away. I wasn’t a fan of that but I didn’t complain. I was then told to sit up where she would use her forearms to rub each side of my neck and shoulder.  At one point I felt like she was going to snap my neck because my head was tilted to the left and her forearms were worked away from eachother up my neck and down my shoulder but with all her weight behind her. Once that was done I thought it was nearly over.  It was. But not without her rolling my head asking “you like thai massage?” I replied “yes” thinking that she was asking on her performance and to my surprise she turned my head at such a speed I could hear about 6 crack noises very loudly in my head. I swore loudly! It didn’t hurt but the shock and the noise was not plesant! Lol! She continued to wobble my head loosely and I anticipated the other side.  I told her “I’m not sure I like that” but didn’t matter…CRACK CRACK CRACK! 3 times on the other side. Once she let go I cautiously moved my neck to check for damage. I was fine! I’m not sure if I was lucky or if she was a pro. Jax heard it and was afraid but luckily his girl didn’t do it.  So £7 and a new experience! I was pleased with my Massage but jax wasn’t.  But I think he is harder to please than me. 

We walked independence square and enjoyed our last meal as backpackers. A very emotional time I feel. Although jax thinks I get emotional over everything! What an awesome year?! I have done things I never dreamt of and seen things I didn’t think existed. I’ve learnt and grown so much as a person. Completely unforgettable.

On the flight home I enjoyed the view of London on the screen. Nice clear night to land, we were lucky that we missed the storms. On to arrivals to meet the mums!!!!

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