lets talk figures

So, that was our journey! Filled with lots of food, diving, travel, day trips and socialising. Before we left I found it really hard to find out how much money you budget for a year travelling. I asked other travelers but because people work for a bit….then travel…then find a way to earn quick money again on top of their initial budget no one actually knew how much they spent. I felt like this was a massive commitment to make, quit your jobs and say your off for a year with no idea of how much you would need.

So! I made it my mission to write down every single penny that we spent. It was annoying at times but now I have an exact figure down to every drop of curry, bottle of water, accommodation,internal flight and night bus. These figures are from 16th January 2014- 15th January 2015 and are for both Jackson and I.

India, 71 days in total. We volunteered for 6 weeks and had food and accommodation for that time but we did get sucked in by the markets and hareem pants. The volunteering helped us keep our spend down a lot, but it is insanely cheap. Posted a large box home of stuff we bought and stuff we packed but didn’t need!

90416.42 Rupees/ £950 GBP

Thailand, 49 days in total. No volunteering with lots of beer and day trips and safari’s. A 3 day stay at an elephant sanctuary and 2 dive courses each to advanced level. a few Internal flights and lots of travel from up and down the country. I also had some dental work done here.

93021.48 Thai Baht/ £1861.49 GBP

Laos, 17 days. a slow boat and lots of night buses and a few scooters and fuel to explore. Accommodation was really nice here overall but we still didn’t spend a bomb.

7451126.25 Laos Kip/ £595 GBP

Cambodia, 30 days. These prices include the visa’s for all the countries too- I forgot about them! We also had £300 GBP stolen so this includes that (because someone spent it somewhere!) Ankor Wat tour, dolphin tour, night buses throughout the country and boat over to Koh Rong and back.

2061.74 US Dollars/ £1335.37 GBP

Vietnam, 52 days. Visa, Travel from the south to the north, many cave entries,3 day Halong bay trip, 6 day Sapa tour and I had my wisdom teeth out. Posted 2 boxes home of stuff we bought.

82773430.77 Dong/ £2511.37 GBP

Malaysia, 19 days. Up the tower, Batu caves, aquarium, 2 internal flights and lots of mono rail usage. took some clothes to the alterations tailor and lots of fresh fish!

4579.42 Ringgit/ £820.21 GBP

Australia, 126 days from Cairns down to Adelaide. We bought and insured a van but we managed to sell it for the price we paid so that made a big difference, basically all our accommodation was free. We cooked all our own meals bar the odd few. But this includes fuel, lots of charity shop purchases. we both Dived the great barrier 3 times and snorkeled Airie Beach and did lots of other day trips. We did Volunteer for a total of 4 weeks, 3 of those weeks included food so we saved there and on fuel as we were not driving all day.

8998.88 AUS Dollars/ £4553.01 GBP

So all that is £13,925.40 GBP add to that our initial flights a further £2,500 GBP, gives us a grand total of:

£16,425.40 GBP for 2 people for 364 days…..EVERYTHING! Now obviously people have different spending habits. If you followed our blog you would have gathered that we were not lavish. But hopefully this will give you an idea of what is possible with this budget and I really hope it is useful for anyone who is thinking about going travelling.

Thanks for everyone who has followed our journey, it has been great to read your comments along the way 🙂

A fun and fast paced start to 2015

Woah, so 2015 has been a rush so far!

After seeing in new year at falls festival we came back up to Adelaide to enjoy our final days of Australia before going to Kuala Lumpur on the 10th.

On Sunday the 4th I had a surfing lesson which Lyndsey had got me for Christmas. I had a private lesson with just me and Rhiannon so we got a lot of attention which I was glad for, I was a little nervous at first because the last time I surfed was in Goa and that was just trying to self teach myself. However, my nerves were not needed as it all came rushing back to me after falling off about ten times! With a little guidance from the instructor I managed to stand up a good few times and even rode a wave right into the beach. He was well happy with me and I got so much confidence from it I went Tuesday and Wednesday again!

Here is the proof!


It’s safe to say I’ve got the surfing bug and along with scuba diving and a million other things it’s something I want to continue when I go home. New years resolution time – to make sure I continue hobbies I enjoy 🙂

Apart from Surfing we also went to the Cricket Tuesday night. Rhodri got us Members tickets and we went with him, Josh, Rhainnon and a few friends to watch the unbeaten Adelaide Strikers Vs Perth Scorchers.  I’m not really into cricket but in this particular style game it’s only 20 overs for each side and only lasts about 2 hours so it’s actually fun. They’ve also kind of americanised it with music playing every time a new batsmen comes on and cheerleaders dance every time a 4 or 6 is hit. By the end of the night we had had a really good time but the Adelaide strikers were no longer unbeaten, losing by 18 runs to the scorchers.


The weather is getting ridiculous. It has reached 45 degrees most days this week. even in the nights it is 30+. We have been to the beach some evenings and it is packed until about 9pm. The sun goes down really late which means your days are so long. Running is difficult in this heat. Even by 7.30am it is too hot. At the cricket, lucky for us the members area was in the shade, but I felt for the people on the other side with the burning sun in their faces for a few hours with nowhere to hide without missing the match. The beach is bearable in the day because of the breeze, but you cannot sit in the garden for long so its a shame that you find yourself wanting to be inside with the windows and doors shut with the aircon on when it is glorious outside. All the locals describe the weather as ‘ awful’ and ‘terrible’, which I understand being here and feeling the temperatures. But people at home would probably think differently- I would if I wasn’t here, sat in the aircon office with the blinds shut, while the sun is shining outside! It has definately changed my view on living in hot countries. If you are holiday on the beach then its lovely, in normal life and doing your shopping and cooking in the kitchen? Then no, everything is a mission!

Thursday evening we had tickets to see Thriller the musical live. Lyndsey is a huge MJ fan and so I bought her tickets for Christmas. It was really good and we got seats right at the front. The first few songs were sung by a female and she didn’t look or sound like Michael Jackson, although she was good it didn’t seem to fit the bill. But the cast soon warmed up and got into it. One guy was from Manchester and you can tell that as a child he sang in the mirror trying to imitate Jackos voice and moves. He was outstanding- but he knew it! Which was a down side but if you shut your eyes you would of thought it really was Michael Jackson. They sang all the hits, bad, billie jean, pyt, earth song, they don’t care about us, Dirty Diana, man in the mirror and smooth criminal. …. They even did the famous lean-at which point Lyndsey screamed!lol! The encore was thriller which was perfect to the point we thought the guy was miming! His jacket was terrible though. Lyndseys red leather jacket from the op shop looked much better quality than his shiny plastic coat. It was a really good performance and Lyndsey was thrilled and sang all the way through.

Friday was our last day in oz. It was raining which was typical because we had planned a beach day. But it was good because for the past week there have been naive Bush fires in the Adelaide hills so the rain must be such a relief. Over 20 houses have been destroyed and a dog kennel/cattery was burnt and all the cats died and only about half the dogs survived which is really awful. On the news, koala sancturies were appealing for people to knit cotton gloves for koalas that have had their hands burnt in the fires, they had the pattern on the website which was really nice and I hope people did make them. I would of If I was sticking around. So our last day was spent by going to lunch with Maria and her friend at the bombay bicycle then going to central market to buy supplies for the evening meal. We also bought Maria 2 goldfish for her tank, a big one called Jackson and a little one called Lyndsey!

Rhiannon and Josh came over for dinner and we enjoyed some Moet and local ginger ale and a bbq eaten indoors because it was still raining. It was a lovely last dinner. We all sat at the table and chatted and laughed. It was really nice. Then after a few drinks we made a video on Australia for some school kids back home but it’s too big to upload here 😦

Saturday morning we fly at 2.30pm. So Josh and Rhiannon come over for a last brunch which is a feast Maria has put together. Stir fry noodles. .. But not noodles, noodle texture but in a flat disc and dumplings. Yum yum! Preparing us for Asia with an Asian breakfast! It was delicious.